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I Love Being Bitter

I have a terrible memory. Recently I was talking with an old college friend, and we were laughing about memories we shared as roommates.

Java with Juli

When The Man You Love Was Abused

Many men keep sexual abuse a secret for years, but bring the side effects of their trauma into their marriage. How c […]

2 Minute Thoughts

Sex Is Not Optional In Marriage

Do you know that sex is like crazy glue between a man and a woman? It’s also required by God that a man and a woman […]

Passion Pursuit.

A Bible study about sex for women? It’s about time! This new 10-week study let’s God Word speak about sex being holy and erotic. Using Song of Solomon (of course!) and Scripture throughout the Bible, you will discover answers to questions on topics as diverse as: what’s okay—and not okay—in the bedroom, temptation, forgiveness, a wife’s power, and how and why to pursue passion. You’ll be amazed how much God has to say on all these subjects and more. Satan has worked hard to twist God’s design for sex and now is the time for us to go on the offensive and reclaim that territory!

Each lesson begins with a bold and dynamic 30 – 40 minute DVD teaching from Linda Dillow and Dr. Juli Slattery, which leads you into 5 days of additional, helpful information and revealing questions in the workbook. This material is perfect for personal use and small groups in your church or neighborhood.

The Passion Pursuit workbook is available in English and Spanish. The DVD is in English with Spanish subtitles. For chapter-by-chapter descriptions plus DVD clips, please click on the Passion Pursuit tab. An in-depth leader’s guide is available to help your small group work through this life-changing information.

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