jwj_logo_smallJava with Juli is a fresh, relevant, and conversational new podcast wrestling with women’s questions about relationships and intimacy.

It is NOT your traditional Christian radio program! No topics or questions are too challenging or risky to discuss. Nothing is taboo, but all is biblically-based and God-honoring. If you tune in, you’ll find that we openly chat about things many women wonder but don’t know where, or who, to go to for honest answers. We embrace a casual & multi-generational feel that has listeners imagining that they’re also “at the table.”

Listen to a ten-minute introduction podcast, hearing Juli explain what this podcast is all about.

602, 2016

Surprised by the Healer: Embracing Hope for Your Broken Story

Listen to the founders of Authentic Intimacy, Linda Dillow and Dr. Juli Slattery talk about their latest book, Surprised By The Healer, which contains the p […]

102, 2016

Aging Men and Sex

Sexuality is an important part of who we are, but it is not all of life. If your husband is getting older, things are going to change regarding his sex driv […]

2501, 2016

Out of the Shadows

This is a difficult discussion over coffee because church is supposed to be a safe place. But far too often church is an easy environment for pedophiles and a […]

1601, 2016

The Myth of Safe Sex

Are you gambling against your life on the myth of “safe sex”? Dr. Juli Slattery has a conversation with an STD/STI specialist and a young woman with severe tr […]

901, 2016

As Seen On TV – Al and Lisa Robertson

Secrets, lies, betrayal and adultery. Young love and marriage. These are all things that make a perfect television drama, but the real life marriage of Duck C […]

201, 2016

Freedom Challenge with Dr. Juli Slattery

If your New Year’s resolution involved your health, finding a new hobby, serving more, traveling, or stepping out of your comfort zone – listen to this oppo […]

2712, 2015

Following God’s Dream, Or Your Dream For Your Life

We all have an idea of the things we want to accomplish, but what if we told you that you had to surrender it all? That you had to give up your hopes and dr […]

2212, 2015

A Marriage and Faith Wake Up Call

Have you ever gotten to the point where you think, I don’t know if I can do this anymore? We all have! Today’s Java is some candid girlfriend coffee talk wi […]

1312, 2015

Living With Crisis Pregnancy Choices

The decision to have an abortion may seem like a quick fix, but the repercussions remain with a woman for the rest of her life. Similarly, those who have gi […]

712, 2015

The State of Authentic Intimacy

We have a new logo, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what God has accomplished through this ministry in 2015! Where are we going in 2 […]